What Cellulite? Smooth Skin Can Be Yours

Nobody wants cellulite, but it forms in its own stubborn way regardless. Many women with cellulite on their legs and buttocks feel self conscious and avoid wearing shorts or bathing suits. If you have lost your natural confidence due to bothersome cellulite, there is good news! Laser cellulite reduction is now available using the SmoothShapes laser to reduce the appearance of cellulite and help you embrace your body once again.

Why Does Cellulite Form?
Cellulite is caused by enlarged fat cells that become trapped right below the surface of the skin. Since the texture of the fat is visible through the skin, it causes the skin to look dimpled and crinkly, rather than smooth. It’s a common misconception that cellulite is caused by obesity and poor eating and exercising habits, but the truth is that genetic and hormonal factors are largely responsible for any cellulite on your body. Cellulite creams and “miracle cures” have been on the market for years offering empty promises, but the SmoothShapes laser provides scientifically proven results.

SmoothShapes For Your Cellulite Areas

The SmoothShapes laser machine has been proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite without causing any pain. For a series of eight treatments, a lightweight, handheld laser roller is glided over the skin. All you feel is a gentle massage sensation, but the laser energy is actually penetrating into the fat tissue to deliver a thermal effect that increases cell permeability. A vacuum component then provides gentle suction that forces the fat molecules to migrate into the “interstitial fluid” that the body can naturally filter and flush out.

Most patients see visible results after only two treatments, and by the eighth treatment cellulite is dramatically reduced. The before and after pictures from the SmoothShapes laser treatment often look like two totally different bodies; one with noticeable cellulite on the skin, and the other with smooth and more contoured skin in its place. Even more impressively, this procedure is pain-free, safe, and comfortable with absolutely no recovery time involved. Why not give it a shot?