Tampa Xeomin Treatment

Find out why Dr. Hermann offers the BEST Xeomin® treatment in Tampa FL. 

Xeomin® is the most recent addition to a growing list of products that reduce frown lines, crows’ feet, and wrinkles. Pronounced zee-oh-min, it acts like its predecessors BOTOX® and Dysport® in reducing or preventing wrinkles between the eyes or on the forehead. *Individual results may vary

How is Xeomin® versus BOTOX® or Dysport®?

  • Xeomin® lacks additives found in other products
  • Same dosing as BOTOX®
  • Same muscle-relaxing action
  • Same treatment timeframes (generally 15-30 minutes)
  • Similar results timeframe (usually within a week)
  • Similar lasting effect (three to six months)
  • Lower priced than BOTOX®

Dr. Hermann is an expert injector, so the only discomfort you may experience is a slight pin-prick sensation from the small needle we use to inject the Xeomin®. We can provide you with ice to apply over the injected area to further reduce any potential discomfort. *Individual results may vary

Call Hermann Wellness today at 813-902-9559 to schedule your complimentary consultation for Xeomin® treatment in Tampa or St. Petersburg today.

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