Neurotransmitter Testing

The Importance of Neurotransmitters 

Neurotransmitters play a vital role in the body. They are the brain chemicals that help signals travel from one neuron to the next. This means that neurotransmitters regulate a wide range of critical processes such as emotions, pain response, energy levels, and mental performance.

When the neurotransmitters are unable to help the brain communicate with the body’s muscles, organs, and glands, your health is bound to significantly suffer. It is now understood that the majority of common conditions handled in doctors offices around the country today are a result of neurotransmitter dysfunction.

Signs of Neurotransmitter Imbalance

Since neurotransmitters influence such a wide range of functions, the signs of imbalance are wide ranging. Mood disorders, depression, and anxiety are common side effects since neurotransmitters control emotions. Loss of mental focus, loss of energy, and difficulty sleeping are also common signs, as are addiction and dependency. Other symptoms, like hormone imbalances and loss of appetite control, are potentially due to neurotransmitter imbalances as well.

A fully functioning neurotransmitter system can naturally balance its actions, but when inhibited the system begins to either depress or hyperpolarize some of the body’s behaviors.

How to Test for Neurotransmitter Imbalance

Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness offers a very simple and noninvasive urinary neurotransmitter test. The test is a tool to help Dr. Hermann understand your specific neuroendocrine imbalances and determine how to best correct your body’s dysfunctions using various forms of holistic medicine.

You should visit Dr. Hermann and request testing if you are commonly depressed, anxious, fatigued, or suffering from insomnia, addiction, compulsive behavior, or low libido. Men and women can both undergo this easy test so that Dr. Hermann can work to resolve the problems at hand in the most efficient, natural, and long-lasting manner possible.

Don’t ignore the signs your body is sending you that something is wrong. Holistic health practices can tackle health issues more effectively than pharmaceuticals that usually only hide the symptoms without resolving the root problem. Call Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness today at (813) 902-9559 or (727) 278-3992 to schedule your appointment.