Tampa Weight Loss Products

All supplements are not created equal. The variety of weight loss shakes and bars on the market today is overwhelming. As an Internal Medicine Physician and Board Certified Physician Nutrition Specialist, even Dr. Hermann’s physician friends often ask her which supplements are best for themselves and their patients. We offer a wide variety of products for nutrition and weight loss to help achieve your specific goals. *Individual results may vary

Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness recommends two brands of meal replacements for weight loss. The first, XYMOGEN®’s i5, is her favorite because it is a powerful anti-inflammatory food that her patients use along with a detox diet. This all natural, fructose-free shake has ingredients that promote gastrointestinal health, optimize the body’s ability to detoxify harmful substances and respond to inflammation. Because they are eating an allergen free diet, people also feel more energy, less gas, bloating and achiness! *Individual results may vary

The second brand of weight loss products, Optifast, is not anti-inflammatory, but is the only weight loss shake that is safe to use for a full liquid diet. When we replace all our food with shakes, the nutritional value of the shakes needs to replace 100% of the protein, essential fats, and vitamins required to maintain health. We use Optifast because it has been proven to be safe for full meal replacements for over thirty years. There is no other full liquid diet that comes close to this. *Individual results may vary

Whether you are looking to detox and lose some weight, choosing the right product will be a big part of your success. *Individual results may vary

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