Volbella Lip Filler

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If you were waiting for a great lip filler Volbella may be it. Allergan the makers of Juvéderm and Botox, have launched a new filler called Volbella. Volbella is a filler develop for non-surgical lip augmentation and restoration of the lips, corners of the mouth and fine lines around the mouth. As with other Juvéderm fillers, Volbella is a hyaluronic acid-based gel with lidocaine to minimize discomfort. Just like other dermal fillers the treatment takes less than 20 minutes and has no downtime except possibly some bruising and/or mild swelling.

Filler for lips - Used half a syringe of Volbella

Tampa Juvederm Volbella History

Vobella was first introduced in Europe and Canada and has now arrived in the United States. What makes this filler unique is its patented Vycross technology. This unique technology has more efficient crosslinking, therefore giving greater lift capacity and longer lasting results. Studies showed that over 90% of test patients reported natural looking lips with more than 80% of them still satisfied with their results after one year.

Patients typically feel lip fillers out on the market currently only last 6 months to a year. Also, Volbella is a softer and smoother filler that allows for easier injection in return creating a soft and more natural-looking lip. Volbella can Improve many lip concerns such as vertical lip lines also known as “smoker’s lines”, oral commissures the corners of the mouth that turn down, give definition to the lips by accentuating the vermillion border and enhancing the cupid’s bow, or just insinuating the lips.

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If you want to improve your lips and the lines around your mouth come in to try Vobella. Come to one of our convenient Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness locations in Tampa or St. Petersburg by calling (813) 902-9559 to schedule an appointment. Vobella has high patient satisfaction and last longer than other lip fillers and that is something to smile about.