Bellus Microneedling PRP Treatments

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Bellus Microneedling PRP Treatments

Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness is pleased to announce the use of the new Bellus Pen Microneedling PRP system for skin resurfacing. Microneedling combined with PRP treatments is used to reduce the appearance of acne scars and fine lines and wrinkles. Anne Hermann, MD supervises the training of all medical aestheticians who provide the Skin Pen treatment. Dr. Hermann prefers the new Bellus system because it promotes healing and has few if any side effects. Individual results may vary.

How does Bellus Microneedling work to reduce acne scars?

The Skin pen uses disposable cartridges with 20 microneedles. These are applied to the skin in such a way that many small micro-punctures are made into the skin. Prior to treatment, your medical aesthetician will apply Bellus Skinfuse Lift HG Gel, which helps to lighten and plump the skin. The microneedling brings normal blood flow to tissue from acne scars and allows new healthy skin to grow.

What is PRP and Why Is It Important?

Another step in the Bellus microneedling process is PRP treatment. PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, and it is a treatment that helps promote healing and new skin growth. In PRP, some of your blood will be extracted and placed in a machine that separates and concentrates the platelets. These concentrated platelets are then placed in a solution of your plasma and injected into the site. This promotes healing and allows for new skin growth to eliminate acne scars and fine lines.

How Many Treatments are Needed?

Results vary with Skin Pen microneedling, but the average patient requires two to three treatments for full results. Contact us today for a consultation, where Dr. Hermann will discuss with you your goals, your unique circumstances, and how many treatments are likely to be needed for your case.