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If you’re feeling frustrated by the deep creases and wrinkles that have formed on your face in the last few years, Botox is your answer. Though the Botulinum Toxin Type A injection is now known for its ability to resolve migraines, overactive bladders, and excessive sweating, it is most popularly utilized for its ability to naturally and effectively smooth away unwanted wrinkles from the face. With just one Botox treatment, you can restore youth to your skin and enhance your already attractive appearance.
*Individual results may vary

*Individual results may vary
*Individual results may vary
*Individual results may vary

The Science of Tampa Botox

Every day as you talk, yawn, frown, and make other facial expressions, your skin stretches and contracts into certain positions. Habitually contracting the same muscles into the same position inevitably leads to wrinkles, which is why you may find that your wrinkles are most noticeable on your forehead or in between your brows. Botox works so efficiently because it is injected directly into the specific muscles that, upon contracting, form the wrinkles you are eager to eliminate. *Individual results may vary. When Botox is injected into your targeted facial muscles, its purified protein relaxes the muscles by blocking the signals that control the contraction. Within a week of your treatment, you will notice that your wrinkles begin to fade away because your muscles can no longer make the repeated movements that cause the wrinkles to become embedded in your skin.

Botox Benefits

Botox efficiently smoothes away frown lines in the forehead area, crow’s feet beside the eyes, neck wrinkles, and glabellar lines between the eyebrows. It’s the perfect treatment for men and women alike. With FDA approval and decades of use in 85 countries around the world, Botox is a trusted treatment that consistently delivers results.

Many people worry that a Botox treatment will render their faces expressionless, but correct Botox application will ensure that you retain all of your normal expression functions. Dr. Hermann is a Botox specialist and knows exactly how to inject Botox into your muscles so that your wrinkles disappear but the character and personality of your expression remains!


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Your Botox procedure will only take about ten minutes, and there is no recovery time involved! You’ll notice a softening in the appearance of your frown lines within 24-48 hours, and the results will continue to improve over the next 2 weeks. Before long, your unwanted wrinkles and creases will disappear. *Individual results may vary

Botox results last about 3-4 months, at which point you can return for a follow-up treatment. Dr. Hermann is a renowned Botox injector, so you trust her to provide you with the best results possible. Smooth, youthful skin is only one treatment away! *Individual results may vary

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Botox Neck Treatment
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Before & After (14 days)

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