Oral Hormones: Pills and Troches

Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness has many options to treat hormone imbalance. Two oral options are to use pills and/or troches (lozenges). Everyone is familiar with pills, but some may ask what troches are. A troche is like a lozenge that dissolves between the upper cheek and gum over time allowing the medication to be absorbed directly into the blood stream. Pills and troches are by mouth options for hormonal treatments and these options can be used alone or in combination with other treatment methods.

Benefits, risks, and side effects of hormone replacement with pills and troches

There are many potential benefits to hormone replacement therapy. In addition to improving and/or eliminating nagging symptoms, it can reduce the risks of bone fractures related to osteoporosis. May help you to lose weight and increase lean muscle mass. Sex drive usually increases and sexual function returns to normal. You may also notice a more youthful appearance in your skin and hair. Many have improved mood, sleep, memory, and cognitive function. A lot of people state they have more energy and less joint pain. In addition, hormone therapy could improve age-related disorders like incontinence, cholesterol, and thyroid malfunction. *Individual results may vary

Hormone therapy also has potential risks as all medicine does. For some people it may raise their chances of blood clots, heart attacks, strokes, and breast cancer. Hormonal therapy in women, who are over the age of 65 may increase their risk of dementia. And women who still have their uterus, taking estrogen only medicine may raise their risk of endometrial cancer. Therefore, women with a uterus need to take progesterone in addition to estrogen to prevent endometrial cancer. Testosterone therapy for men can increase the risk of noncancerous growth of the prostate and/or growth of existing prostate cancer. Oral hormones should be avoided by men and women with liver and/or kidney problems. 

Side effects may or may not occur with hormone therapy. If side effects do occur, they usually do within the first few weeks of starting hormone therapy because the body is not use to the new level of hormones. If side effects do not improve you should contact your provider.  

What should I expect during an appointment?

During your initial appointment, the provider will take a health history, perform a physical exam, and ask your goals. Then blood work will be order. The provider will then discuss the risks and benefits of therapy. At the end, you and the provider will determine the best method for you to administer these hormones. 

Our providers and staff are here for you to answer any questions and schedule you a consultation. We also offer hormone replacement therapy in the form of pellets, creams, patches, injections, and vaginal inserts. Call our office to make an appointment in Tampa (813) 902-9559 or St. Petersburg (727) 278-3992.