Eclipse Micro-Needling Skin Resurfacing

Eclipse Medical ProductsThe award winning Dermapen® skin resurfacing minimizes acne scars and permanently reduces lines and wrinkles. Anne Hermann, MD, supervises the training of all medical aestheticians who provide the Dermapen® treatment. We use a combination of hyaluronic acid and kojik acid during treatment to help lighten and plump the skin. Dr. Hermann prefers the Dermapen® for skin resurfacing because it does not create any of the side effects of Fraxel laser and downtime is as little as 24 hours. *Individual results may vary

How does the Dermapen® treatment work to minimize acne scars?

Typically, we recommend six treatments with our Tampa Dermapen® technician for acne scars.  Each treatment ranges from $90 for one area of the face to $250 for the entire face.

Scars are often thickened, deformed tissue that replaces healthy skin after an injury. The Dermapen® skin resurfacing treatment uses micro needles to bring normal blood flow to the scarred tissue.  The old, fibrous tissue is broken up with the Dermapen® and collagen and new, healthy skin is created. *Individual results may vary

How does treatment by a Dermapen® skin resurfacing in Tampa minimize lines and wrinkles from sun damage, age, smoking or other factors?

Through the use of an electronic pen-shaped device, tiny needles puncture precise holes in the skin that create new collagen and elastin. The downtime is minimal and the results are some of the most impressive in anti-aging treatments.

How many Dermapen® treatments will I need?

Dr. Hermann will create a tailored regimen for you, but the typical number of Dermapen® treatments needed for fine lines and wrinkles are 2-3 aggressive treatments, though 5-6 Dermapen® treatments will show the most dramatic results. For acne scarring, the typical number of St. Petersburg Dermapen® resurfacing treatments is 6-8. *Individual results may vary

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*Individual results may vary