Vaginal Methods of Hormone Replacement

Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness has many options to treat hormone imbalance including vaginal suppositories/tablets, rings, and creams. Hormone replacement therapy using vaginal methods are exclusive to estrogen. These options can be used alone or in combination with other methods. Vaginal treatments are usually used for women suffering from vaginal dryness, itchiness, and burning or pain during sex. 

Pros and Cons of Vaginal Estrogen

Studies on hormonal therapy in women have shown that vaginal estrogen has demonstrated more effect than other methods to address vaginal symptoms. Other advantages to vaginal methods are lower dosing and many only affect the vaginal area, therefore relieving vaginal symptoms without exposing the entire body to additional hormones and potential adverse effects. However, vaginal estrogen typically does not help well with systemic symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings, sex drive, sleep disturbances, memory loss, cognitive issues, and fatigue. 

Risks of Vaginal Estrogen

There is a risk of endometrial cancer with vaginal estrogen if you still have a uterus. Therefore, if you and your provider decide to use vaginal estrogen after reviewing your individual risk you should take progesterone to protect your uterine lining. Also, high dose and long-term use of vaginal estrogen can have the same risks as systemic hormone replacement therapy such as higher risk of stroke and cancer. 

Dosing of Vaginal Estrogen

Dosing varies depending on product and individual needs. In general, vaginal rings are usually replaced every 3 months. Vaginal tablets/suppositories are used daily for a couple of weeks then decreased to twice weekly. Creams may be used daily to several times a week. 

What should I expect during an appointment?

During your initial appointment, the provider will take a health history, perform a physical exam, and ask your goals. Then blood work will be order. The provider will then discuss the risks and benefits of therapy. At the end, you and the provider will determine the best method for you to administer these hormones. 

Our providers and staff are here for you to answer any questions and schedule you a consultation. We also offer hormone replacement therapy in the form of pellets, creams, patches, injections, pills and troches. Call our office to make an appointment in Tampa (813) 902-9559 or St. Petersburg (727) 278-3992.