4 Incredible Uses for the IPL Laser

You’ve heard of laser treatments and dermal fillers, but are you familiar with the potential of the IPL laser? Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a versatile cosmetic technology that can serve many different purposes to meet your exact needs.

From tackling skin pigmentation to dermatologic diseases, IPL can do it all. Check out our five favorite uses of the IPL laser here.

Use IPL to Eliminate Dark Sun Spots

IPL lasers emit a range of lightwaves that are absorbed to damage the walls of blood vessels and fragment unwanted melanin pigment. This damage forces the vessels and melanin to die and become absorbed by the body, rendering them less visible on the surface of the skin. Schedule one treatment per month for up to five months for maximum results.

Use IPL to Boost Collagen Production

Every Intense Pulsed Light treatment also improves skin health and appearance by stimulating additional collagen production. You lose collagen each year, so IPL combats the natural aging process by restoring the skin’s ability to heal itself. Extra collagen production can help minimize wrinkles, restore lost volume, and more.

Use IPL to Treat Dermatological Issues

Dermatological issues like rosacea are frustrating and embarrassing. Prescription medications used to target these conditions often cause more harm than good. Use the natural power of IPL to reduce your rosacea symptoms with safe and controlled heating.

Use IPL For Quick and Easy Routine Maintenance

Your IPL treatments don’t need to stop after the initial round of three to five sessions. IPL is an excellent tool for routine skin maintenance every six months. Bi-annual IPL treatments will sustain your extra collagen growth and continue to prevent unwanted signs of aging. Since the IPL treatment only lasts about one hour and doesn’t require any recovery time, maintaining your skin has never been easier!

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