Avoid These Skincare Mistakes for a Healthier Complexion

With so many skincare tips swirling around the Internet today, it can be difficult to tell the difference between fact and fiction. But, common skincare mistakes can quickly wreak havoc on your complexion. 

Dr. Hermann is here to provide skincare clarity! Read on to learn about top skincare mistakes to avoid for a healthier complexion.  Continue reading “Avoid These Skincare Mistakes for a Healthier Complexion”

Treatments Skin Experts Get Every Spring

Spring is the season of rebirth, renewal, and rejuvenation. So, there’s no better time to refresh your skin with an aesthetic treatment (or two!).

Today’s leading Tampa skin experts adjust their skincare regimens according to the season. As the birds chirp and the flowers bloom, the pros enjoy the following cosmetic treatments:  Continue reading “Treatments Skin Experts Get Every Spring”

Avoid These Skincare Mishaps

Whether you’re in your 20s or enjoying your golden years, skincare is critical to maintaining beautiful, healthy skin. But, as we live in the Information Age, it can be challenging to distinguish skincare facts from fiction. Sadly, misinformation can lead to mishaps that do more harm than good. 

We’re here to shine some light on common skincare mishaps that could be sabotaging your appearance. Avoid these beauty no-nos (and consult our Tampa skincare pros) to unlock your best skin yet! Continue reading “Avoid These Skincare Mishaps”

Does Diet Affect the Aging of the Skin?

We’ve all heard that diet affects overall health. But, did you know that what you eat can directly impact how quickly your skin ages?

Clinical research has definitively linked poor nutrition to skin aging. Keep reading to learn more about this link and how you can optimize your nutrition for youthful-looking skin in Tampa. 

How Diet Affects the Skin

The skin requires a variety of nutrients, proteins, and fatty acids to remain healthy. Various nutrients support the skin’s natural repair process, allowing it to regenerate damaged skin cells. Certain nutrients also help ward off free radical damage, which is known to accelerate the skin aging process. Continue reading “Does Diet Affect the Aging of the Skin?”

What is a Cosmelan Peel?

Stubborn forms of hyperpigmentation, like melasma, don’t always respond to brightening skincare products, even if you strictly follow a beauty regimen. In these cases, you may want to consider a Cosmelan peel. Specifically designed for dark spots and pigmentation, this chemical peel can noticeably even out your skin tone for a more radiant appearance. 

Read on to learn more about the Cosmelan peel in Tampa and how it may help you achieve your cosmetic goals.   Continue reading “What is a Cosmelan Peel?”

Non-Surgical Treatments For Loose Skin

The aging process and accumulated UV damage from the sun gradually cause the skin to stretch and sag. This leaves many people with loose skin in their later years. But, rest assured, you no longer have to undergo a surgical facelift to regain the tight, lifted skin of your youth. 

At Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness, we offer a variety of non-surgical treatments with proven results for loose skin. Three of our top choices for this sign of aging are:


Morpheus8 is a cutting-edge skin rejuvenation procedure that pairs microneedling with fractionated radiofrequency energy. The subdermal adipose remodeling device contains a matrix of micropins that apply RF energy to the skin’s deep tissue. This process stimulates collagen and elastin production to noticeably tighten, smooth, and firm the skin. The results are permanent –  a remarkable benefit for a non-surgical treatment! Continue reading “Non-Surgical Treatments For Loose Skin”

Best Non-Invasive Wrinkle Treatment

Wrinkles: Although they’re inevitable with age, we now have numerous ways to tackle them. With continual advancements in non-invasive aesthetic technology, patients now don’t have to choose surgery for a visible improvement in fine lines and wrinkles. 

At Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness in Tampa, we’re pleased to remain at the forefront of aesthetic technology. We offer many non-invasive wrinkles treatments to help our patients overcome their insecurities and go forth with confidence.  Continue reading “Best Non-Invasive Wrinkle Treatment”

What is SmartXide Tetra Treatment?

Do you wish that you could fade skin imperfections without the extensive recovery required after CO2 laser resurfacing? Although it’s considered the best non-surgical solution to tackle signs of aging, acne scarring, sun damage, and related issues, CO2 laser resurfacing often isn’t feasible for those of us with packed schedules. 

Enter SmartXide Tetra. This treatment is revolutionizing cosmetic laser treatments with complete personalization, little to no downtime, and dramatic results.  Continue reading “What is SmartXide Tetra Treatment?”