FACTORFIVE™ the Human Stem Cell Growth Factor that can Change the Aging Skin.

Human stem cell growth factors in skin care have gained popularity over the last couple years for its many benefits. FactorFive human stem cell growth factors are backed by science and derived from adipose human stem cells. Your skin cells are constantly turning over and undergoing repair. As we age, there is a natural decrease in the levels of growth factors and cytokines that maintain our youthful appearance in our skin. Many of these growth factors are abundantly produced by our stem cells which decrease in number as we age.

FactorFive helps your skin by providing human stem cell growth factors to boost and replace those that typically diminish with age. By providing the skin with these diminishing powerful growth factors, the skin cells begin to behave more like they did when they were younger. Factorfive human stem cell growth factors can prevent and fight the visible signs of aging. Here at Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness, we promote Factorfive Daily Regenerative Serum, Anti-Aging Cream, and Eye/Lash Cream.

FactorFive Daily Regenerative Serum is a breakthrough blend of regenerative cytokines, copper peptides, and potent human growth factors to fight the 5 signs of aging and help promote youthful skin. Factorfive Daily Regenerative Serum minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, reduces the visibility of sunspots, helps with skin tightening, improves skin texture, aids in pore reduction and heals the skin surface.

FactorFive Anti-Aging Cream combines powerful human stem cell growth factors with a hydrating moisturizer. Factorfive Anti-Aging Cream works well on top of the Factorfive Daily Regenerative Serum to provide a barrier to allow the serum to work better.

FactorFive Eye/Lash Cream is non-irritating under-eye and eyelid moisturizer that helps lengthen and volumize eyelashes and reduce fine lines around the eyes.

FactorFive products are all naturally derived from fresh adipose stem cells. FactorFive does not contain any cells, only proteins derived from stem cells, leaving only purified and concentrated stem cell-derived factors as the final product. No embryos, human eggs, bone marrow or other controversial tissues are used to produce FactorFive.

Factorfive growth factors can increase collagen, elastin and extracellular metric proteins that support skin firmness. If you would like to discuss how these amazing growth factor proteins can help your skin achieve younger healthier glow schedule an appointment in Tampa (813) 902-9559 or St. Petersburg (727) 278-3992 with one of our providers.