Intradermal Hormone Pellet Therapy

At Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness, all of our physicians and nurse practitioners have training in bioidentical hormone treatments for men and women. We prescribe hormone creams, patches, injections and pellet therapy. Reasons that you might select pellet therapy over the other modes of delivery are:

  • Convenience because the pellet is inserted under the skin once every three to five months
  • No chance of the hormone rubbing off on a partner or child
  • Pellets help achieve higher absorption level of hormones in some people

The pellets contain natural testosterone for men and natural testosterone, estrogen or both for women. Often women will need to take progesterone by mouth or cream in addition to the pellet. Bioidentical hormones are better tolerated than synthetic hormones and patients tend to feel better on them. *Individual results may vary

At your initial evaluation, one of our providers will interview you and perform a physical exam and order bloodwork. Even though the hormones are natural, they do have the same level of risks as artificial hormones. In your initial visit, the provider will discuss the risks and benefits of hormones in general and explain the difference between the creams, patches, injections and pellets. If you elect to have hormone pellets, we will schedule the pellet injection for two weeks after your first visit. We require two weeks to evaluate your bloodwork results and order the appropriate dose of hormone for you. *Individual results may vary

The injection of the pellets is a comfortable procedure. Once the pellets are injected, we advise that you not go in pools or hot tubs for four days. You can shower as usual. We monitor your bloodwork at the six-week and three-month marks to determine if the initial dose was perfect for you. *Individual results may vary

The cost for the initial hormone visit is $425 and follow up visits are $225. The pellet insertion cost is $450 for women and $650 for men. The pellets are reinserted every three to four months in women and every four to five months in men.

For more information about hormones or hormone pellets, please contact Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness at, or by calling (813) 902-9559 or (727) 278-3992. We look forward to hearing from you!