Client Testimonials


Just wanted to thank Dr. Hermann and her wonderful staff for such great care. You have given me such peace of mind and comfort through the world of menopause! Thank you for making it easy to be a long distance patient. You’ve consistently delivered and I’m grateful to work with you!

Stephanie C


I’ve struggled with weight my whole life.  Since I was ten years old, I was the ‘heavy’ or ‘chubby’ kid.  As a teen, I wondered why I had to wear a bigger clothing size than all my friends.  Sometimes I had to shop at a totally different store because a ‘large’ was too small for me.  My poor eating habits contributed to my low self esteem and destroyed my confidence.  I didn’t go on a ‘date’ with a boy until college because I had worked hard to lose a few pounds and finally felt like I deserved the attention from that boy.Fast forward five years… I was engaged to that wonderful boy who paid attention to me.  We moved to a new city and I had a new demanding career. While planning our wedding, I gained about 25 pounds.  My beautiful wedding dress that I was so excited to wear had to be rebuilt so I could still fit into it.  I had a beautiful happy wedding day, but those wedding pictures will always remind me that I never want to be that heavy ever again.Gradually I lost the weight by following my big sister Anne’s diet recommendations.  I used real food in smaller portions and supplemented with the Proti shakes and bars.  I began training for a five k run and (some of) the pounds melted off.  In the past four months I lost fifteen more pounds and I’m back to the pants size I used to be in high school.I have much more energy.  I don’t feel “fat” or “overweight” for the first time in my life.  I feel healthy.  I don’t crave the french fries or ice cream like I used to  – though sometimes I will still indulge a little! And then I’ll eat a salad.  I searched many years for mental and physical balance, and Anne gave the tools and support to finally achieve it. *Individual results may vary

Dana N Hermann, Veterinarian


I’m a very active and social person in great health. One day as I passed a mirror in my house, I decided I looked way too tired and drawn for how good I felt and it was time to do something about it. My first experience with Botox treatments was very painful and ended with my forehead totally numb and my eyebrow drooping into the corner of my eye. Not exactly what I had in mind. After a while I gave it another try with another Dr. who didn’t hurt as much but the results were barely improved. So I let it go for a while.As the holidays drew near this year, I thought it was time to try again, this time with Dr. Hermann. I’m not exaggerating when I say it was like night and day! Dr. Hermann asked me what I was hoping for, listened attentively, and explained exactly what she would be doing to attain my goals. The first thing I noticed was the absence of any discomfort! It was easy and quick. None of my friends knew I was doing this, but within a week everyone I saw told me how great and how much healthier I looked! I could move my eyebrows, which had raised and opened up since the Botox, and as time went on, it seemed that my eyes were shaping up too! I couldn’t be happier. *Individual results may vary

Thanks to Dr. Hermann’s exceptional handling, I feel confident about getting the treatments I need to look my best and match my outside with my inside.

Karin Danish, Acupuncture Physician


Feeling good and balanced is in my opinion a holistic endeavor of mind, body and spirit. So, discovering a practitioner who supported that philosophy with the inclusion of aesthetic medicine struck a chord. I had never really considered using something like a dermal filler or any kind of aesthetic medicine previously. So, I had quite a few questions. Dr. Hermann took the time to answer each with care and to honestly address any concerns. Ultimately, I took the plunge and tried Belotero because of its safety. I was very pleased with the results which were immediate. The process was quick, no pain and beautifully subtle. The concept of adding collagen back to areas where it naturally breaks down made sense.I can’t imagine why anyone would consider any kind of invasive procedure with these alternatives. Since aesthetic medicine is just one element of the a host of wellness services, it’s a good venue to delve into an overall wellness regime. Dr. Hermann has a great concept and a great practice. Highly recommend anyone considering this for the first time, or any time. *Individual results may vary

Ilene Rosoff, CEO, The Launch Pad