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*Individual results may vary

Many are talking about the HCG Diet to help with weight loss, since being endorsed by Dr. Oz , CNN, and the Morning Show. The HCG Diet is a hormone diet that involves taking a small dosage of HCG hormone daily, while following a pre-specified low calorie diet ranging from 500 calories to 1200 calories depending on the protocol being followed. The HCG hormone is naturally occurring in the body during pregnancy, therefore safe. The average reported weight loss is about 0.5 lbs per day. The HCG diet can aid in breaking food addictions and cravings. It can also make you feel better by possibly improving sleep cycles, blood pressure and cholesterol. The HCG Diet works by reducing appetite and allowing people to eat smaller portions without cravings. The restricted calorie diet does not contain starches or sugars and includes protein, vegetables, and fruit. *Individual results may vary

Our office only uses HCG injections. Research has shown an increase of HCG levels in blood cannot be achieved to adequate levels to elicit weight loss with HCG drops, pills or sprays. Injections are the proven method of taking HCG and should be supervised by a medical provider. *Individual results may vary

HCG Diet helps individuals in losing weight but if they do not adopt new lifestyle behaviors they will not maintain the weight loss. However, there is no reason for you to gain the weight back if the necessary lifestyle changes have been put into place. The primary goal of the HCG Diet is to help you establish a new approach to taking care of your body and feeling great. These are just some of the potential benefits of weight loss with HCG. If you are thinking of starting the HCG Diet or want more information call to schedule an appointment with one of our medical providers to learn more about additional benefits associated with the HCG Diet. We are glad to speak with you at either of our convenient locations in St. Petersburg or Tampa by calling (813) 902-9559.