Platelet-Rich Plasma PRP Facial

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Transform Your Skin with this Revolutionary Procedure Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is a groundbreaking new procedure to help you achieve smoother, tighter, younger looking skin. This unique practice rejuvenates the face, neck, and chest area without using any surgery or synthetic materials. It is natural, safe, and unbelievably effective! *Individual results may vary

The Science Behind PRP Facials The platelets found in blood plasma contain protein growth factors that are vital for stimulating the production of elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid in your skin. These three substances produced naturally in the body dictate the appearance and quality of your skin.

Collagen, Elastin, and Hyaluronic Acid: Collagen is responsible for maintaining the strength, flexibility, and resistance of your skin, which is commonly recognized in terms of firmness. Elastin, meanwhile, helps the skin regain its form when it is stretch or compressed, hence its similarity to the word elastic. Both of these proteins work together to keep skin supple and smooth. Hyaluronic acid has recently become very popular as scientists and medical professionals realize its incredible regenerative powers. Since it retains up to 1,000 times its weight in water, it is responsible for keeping the skin moisturized and hydrated. *Individual results may vary

The PRP Difference The careful combination of collagen and elastin is meant to work hand in hand with the body’s hyaluronic acid to maintain your firm, youthful appearance. However, aging slows this process down and causes thin, dry, sagging skin riddled with lines and wrinkles. PRP Facials fight this slowdown by extracting a small amount of your own blood and placing it in a centrifuge so that the remaining plasma is extremely high in platelets. The platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is then injected into your skin to naturally restart and rebalance the vital responsibilities of elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. Think of this treatment as the equivalent to jumpstarting your car when the battery dies. It is using nothing except your own blood to help your body stimulate the process that generates healthier, younger looking skin.

Undeniable Results of PRP As soon as your PRP is injected into your skin, it triggers your body’s natural reaction to repair and revitalize your skin. You can expect to see smaller pores, tighter skin, and a natural glow immediately after your procedure, and results will continue to become more obvious in the months following your treatment. Your skin’s texture, elasticity, and glowing hydration will all drastically improve over the next eight months as your body continues to generate more collagen and elastin to naturally heal and rejuvenate. *Individual results may vary

The PRP Advantages This treatment offers everything you could possible want in a cosmetic enhancement. It’s simple, non-surgical, and leaves no scars. PRP is also a short procedure that requires no down time and causes no pain. The results are completely natural for skin that transforms from damaged to radiant. Dr. Hermann’s expertise in the Tampa and St. Petersburg areas guarantees you the gorgeous, long-lasting, and natural-looking results that you desire!