Facetite: finally the results associated with a mini facelift without incisions, sutures or risk of scarring!

FaceTite uses RFAL technology to perform a three-dimensional remodeling of the tissues. This technological marvel is superior to similar treatments because it allows for fat coagulation and tissue remodeling, and 100 percent of the energy goes into the targeted area. It also has dual temperature features that allow for increased safety and control when compared to other treatments.

FaceTite is effective in tightening skin anywhere on the face or neck, helping to reduce double chin, deep-set wrinkles, and jowls. It only takes about 15 minutes per area to complete the treatment, and more than one area can be treated in just one visit. There’s no recovery process – you can get back to your regular daily routine right after treatment!

Facetite Before / After
Facetite Before / After


  • Directional thermal field provides fat coagulation and tissue remodeling.
  • Dual temperature technologies provide greater safety and control compared to other technologies.
  • 100% energy concentration in the treatment zone.


FaceTite Training with Dr. Chad Deal at Southern Surgical Arts

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