Transdermal Hormones: Patches and Creams

At Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness we have many options to treat hormone imbalance. One option is the use of bio-identical creams and/or patches for optimizing hormone replacement and balance, which allow us to tailor to your body’s specific needs. Bio-identical hormones are similar to the molecular structure of the hormones our body naturally produces. Using bio-identical creams and/or patches allow us to use the lowest possible dose of hormones to address your symptoms and easily adjust the dose as needed.

We order the creams from a compounding pharmacy and have them sent to your home. The cream is applied once or twice a day depending on your individualized prescription. It is applied to thin areas of skin to maximize absorption such as the inner thighs and arms. We usually recommend rotating the area where the cream is applied every few months and using after bathing when the skin pores are open to enhance absorption. Creams are absorbed through the skin and go directly into the bloodstream bypassing the liver.

Skin patches are another type of hormone replacement product. Usually, people wear the patch on the lower stomach, beneath the waistline. The patch is usually changed once or twice a week, according to the instructions. The patches give the same benefits as other hormone replacement medications. Most feel the patch is more convenient, you can stick it on and not worry about having to take or do something daily. A 2007 study demonstrated that the patch does not pose a risk of blood clots in postmenopausal women like oral estrogen does. However, more studies are needed before being able to state patches are safer than pills. Therefore, all estrogens carry the same black-box warning with respect to clot formation. Estrogen patches should not be exposed to high heat or direct sunlight because heat can make some patches release estrogen more quickly, giving you too high of a dose at first and then too low of a dose later. So don’t use tanning beds or saunas while wearing an estrogen patch.

Your initial visit for Hormone Replacement at Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness will include a thorough consultation with a physician evaluating your symptoms, family history of breast/prostate cancer and may include a breast or prostate exam during your visit if not up to date. Hormone replacement can affect the breast, cervix, and prostate tissue so update preventative screening with mammogram, pap smear, and prostate exam are required while on hormone replacement. Hormone levels are checked via blood or saliva before treatment and routinely to monitor levels.

After your evaluation and assessment, you can take your individualized prescription to a compounding pharmacy or we can have it shipped to you directly. We also offer hormone replacement therapy in the form of pellets, troches, and pills. Please feel free to contact us at or call to make an appointment.