Toxicity Testing and Detoxification

Dr. Hermann has been providing Tampa toxicity testing for 10 years.  We test and treat for multiple heavy metal toxicities such as lead, mercury and aluminum.  Symptoms of metal toxicity include: headaches, dizziness, tingling of the hands or feet, digestive issues and fatigue.  Of course, these symptoms can be caused by other medical issues such as thyroid disease or vitamin deficiencies.  For this reason, we usually review your medical records prior to checking for metal toxicities.

Different tests for heavy metal toxicity include bloodwork, urine, and hair samples.  Standard bloodwork is not as effective at detecting metal levels as urine testing, however, it is often the least expensive test.  If you have an elevated level of any metal, we will council you on how to avoid further exposure to that metal and can help you establish a Tampa detoxification program.  We find mercury is one of the most commonly elevated levels.  It is found in large mouthed fish that eat other fish, such as grouper, snapper, tuna and swordfish.  It may be found in dental fillings as well as water pipes, paint, canned food and work related exposures.

If your level is high enough, Dr. Hermann may recommend Tampa Detoxamin, a chelation treatment that is administered rectally.  We prefer this method to IV chelation because it has less risk to you and the metal levels always return to normal with Detoxamin.

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