Avoid These Skincare Mistakes for a Healthier Complexion

With so many skincare tips swirling around the Internet today, it can be difficult to tell the difference between fact and fiction. But, common skincare mistakes can quickly wreak havoc on your complexion. 

Dr. Hermann is here to provide skincare clarity! Read on to learn about top skincare mistakes to avoid for a healthier complexion. 


Exfoliation is a crucial step in your St. Petersburg skincare routine, as it helps your skin shed dead skin cells and bring new cells to the surface. But, too much exfoliation can do more harm than good, causing redness, dryness, and irritation. 

Consult your Tampa skincare expert to learn about the right exfoliant for your skin type, and how often to exfoliate for the best results. 

Touching Your Skin Frequently

Your fingers are home to countless species of bacteria that can compromise your glowing complexion. Aside from applying your skincare products with clean fingers, avoid touching your face throughout the day. If you’re struggling to break the habit, use a strongly scented sanitizer – the scent may remind you to keep your hands away from that beautiful face. 

Leaving on Makeup Before Bed

After a long, exhausting day, you may wonder: Do I really need to take my makeup off?

The answer is yes!

Leaving makeup on throughout the night by cutting off its oxygen supply. Makeup masks your pores, compromising your skin’s ability to breathe. When you wake up, you’ll notice clear signs of skin fatigue, including redness and clogged pores. 

Your nightly Tampa skincare routine should start with a double cleanse (starting with an oil cleanser) and/or micellar water to wash away your makeup. Don’t skip this step, we promise your skin will thank you. 

Your best complexion yet is within reach. Schedule your consultation at Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness today for personalized skincare tips and treatments!