Make Your Eyes Pop with Latisse Lash Extensions

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, don’t you want them to stand out? At Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness, we have just the thing: Latisse lash extensions!

As an FDA-approved medication for eyelash growth, Latisse can make your eyes pop, with significant improvement within two months. Keep reading to learn more!

Latisse Lash Extensions in Tampa

Latisse is an eyelash solution containing 0.03% bimatoprost. Originally indicated for glaucoma, patients using bimatoprost soon noticed longer, darker eyelashes as a side effect of the medication. After further testing and clinical trials, Latisse was born!

Bimatoprost is thought to boost eyelash growth by prolonging the lash phase. This means that with Latisse, you may experience:

  • A higher number of eyelashes that grow
  • Longer eyelashes
  • Thickened eyelashes
  • Darker eyelashes

Typically, St. Petersburg Latisse patients experience doubled eyelash thickness, a 25% length improvement, and an 18% darkness improvement. 

How Long Does Latisse Take to Work?

The hair follicles’ growth phase typically lasts a month or two. So, most patients experience some lash improvement within six to eight weeks of starting Latisse. The full results often become visible within four months.

Why Choose Latisse for Gorgeous Lashes?

Latisse offers countless benefits as a lash extension solution, including:

  • Proven results and FDA approval

With 78% of patients experiencing a significant increase in eyelash prominence after 16 weeks of using Latisse, you can count on this treatment for noticeable results! Plus, as an FDA-approved treatment, Latisse has proven to be safe in clinical studies. 

  • Improves lash appearance in multiple ways

By improving lash thickness, length, darkness, and the number of lashes growing, Latisse will make your eyes pop in more ways than one. 

  • Simple application

Latisse treatment involves just one topical application on the lashes per day. Just make sure to remove contact lenses and makeup before applying Latisse. 

Ready for stunning lashes? Reach out to Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness today for your Latisse consultation in Tampa or St. Petersburg!