Am I a Good Candidate for SKINVIVE™ by JUVÉDERM®?

SKINVIVE™ by JUVÉDERM® is the first and only hyaluronic microdroplet injectable that’s been approved by the FDA for skin smoothness in the cheeks. It’s a quick, convenient treatment that gives the skin a smooth, radiant appearance. 

If you’re considering SKINVIVE™ in Tampa to enhance your appearance, read on to learn if you’re a good candidate for this first-of-its-kind injectable.  Continue reading “Am I a Good Candidate for SKINVIVE™ by JUVÉDERM®?”

How Long Does RHA Filler Last?

The RHA family of fillers is one of the latest aesthetic injectables to hit the market. At Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness, we’re thrilled to provide this innovative anti-aging treatment for our patients.

With any new treatment, it’s important to ask questions, and many of our Tampa patients are wondering how long RHA fillers last. In this article, we’ll address this common question and dive a little deeper into the benefits of RHA fillers.  Continue reading “How Long Does RHA Filler Last?”

Reasons to Try DAXXIFY

Are prominent frown lines getting you down? These pesky facial lines often result from repeated facial movements, which fold the skin. Botox is one of the most popular treatments for this cosmetic concern, but there’s a new kid on the block: DAXXIFY!

DAXXIFY is a neuromodulator, like Botox, that’s FDA-approved to reduce the appearance of frown lines. In this article, we’ll discuss key reasons to consider DAXXIFY on your journey to smoother skin. 


DAXXIFY contains the same amount of active ingredient as conventional Botox, and it works in the same way: By preventing facial muscle contractions that fold the skin. However, unlike Botox and Dysport, another neurmodulator, it contains a peptide.  Continue reading “Reasons to Try DAXXIFY”

What You Need to Know About Upneeq

If you suffer from ptosis, you know that it can make you appear fatigued, even after a full night’s sleep. This condition develops when the upper eyelids droop downward, often obstructing part of the eyes. While ptosis can result from injuries or underlying medical conditions, it often occurs as a result of the natural aging process. 

Upneeq is an FDA-approved, once-daily prescription eyedrop that’s specifically formulated to treat ptosis. Here, we’ll answer all of the most common questions about Upneeq and how it may help you achieve lifted eyelids and a rested appearance.  Continue reading “What You Need to Know About Upneeq”

Redefine Your Jawline With Volux

The natural aging process sets a variety of changes into motion. Many of these changes can affect the appearance of your face and, notably, your jawline. 

With age, the layer of fat beneath your skin starts to shrink, compromising your skin’s smooth, plump appearance. Your skin may also start to sag as it becomes dries, weaker, and thinner. In many people, this leads to the lost definition in the jawline and/or sagging jowls.  Continue reading “Redefine Your Jawline With Volux”

Volux XC: A New FDA-Approved Jawline Filler

Lost jawline definition isn’t talked about as often as wrinkles and fine lines. But, it’s still a prevalent sign of aging that may nag at you whenever you look in the mirror. Thankfully, if lost jawline definition is diminishing your self-confidence, you now have a non-surgical cosmetic treatment option to consider! 

Juvederm Volux XC is the first of its kind: An injectable hyaluronic acid filler that’s been FDA-approved to treat moderate to a severe loss of jawline definition. At Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness, we’re happy to offer this advanced treatment option to our patients in Tampa and St. Petersburg. Read on to learn more! Continue reading “Volux XC: A New FDA-Approved Jawline Filler”

How P-Shot Can Help Men with Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is more common than you might think. In fact, one study found that approximately 52% of men have ED in some form, with the risk of ED increasing with age. 

But, thanks to recent medical innovations, we now have several treatment options available to treat ED. One of these treatments is the P-Shot, a cutting-edge regenerative therapy that uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to rejuvenate the penile tissues.  Continue reading “How P-Shot Can Help Men with Erectile Dysfunction”

Get an Instant Eye-Lift with Upneeq Eye Drops

Whether caused by genetics or the natural aging process, eyelid ptosis (drooping eyelids) can have a significant impact on your appearance. In the past, treatments for ptosis were extremely limited and mainly involved surgery. But, with the introduction of Upneeq eye drops, patients have a non-invasive treatment option for this cosmetic concern. 

What is Upneeq? 

Upneeq is a daily, prescription eye drop that’s formulated for low-lying lids. In fact, Upneeq is the only FDA-approved prescription eye drop for acquired ptosis. 

Acquired ptosis develops in adulthood. Typically, it occurs when the levator muscle, which keeps the upper eyelid in a raised position, stretches out and weakens with age. This causes the eyelids to droop, giving the eyes a tired appearance.  Continue reading “Get an Instant Eye-Lift with Upneeq Eye Drops”

Lift Eyelids Without Surgery with Upneeq

The eyes are the focal point of the face. When people first look at you, they’re immediately drawn to your eyes. Therefore, sagging and drooping eyelids can have a significant impact on the overall appearance, particularly your entire face. Luckily, with Upneeq, your eyelids can quickly be lifted, providing you with cosmetic and functional benefits without the need for surgery. 

What is Upneeq?

Continue reading “Lift Eyelids Without Surgery with Upneeq”

How Long Does QWO Last For?

If you’ve been searching for solutions to stubborn cellulite in the buttocks, you may have come across QWO. QWO is the only injectable approved to treat cellulite in the buttocks, and it’s been rapidly gaining attention for the dramatic results it provides. 

One of the most common questions that patients ask about QWO is how long it lasts. After all, many women don’t have the time in their schedules to return for touch-up treatments every few months.  Continue reading “How Long Does QWO Last For?”