Safer at Home, Not Suffer at Home

Dr. Anne Hermann explains how telemedicine can keep you safe

On March 26th the American Medical Association published an article supporting health care delivery via phone or email, a service known as telehealth. The AMA cited telehealth as a way to protect patients during a pandemic. CDC guidelines also urge medical providers to offer telehealth to prevent patients from coming to the office and potentially exposing themselves to germs.

Many medical offices in Florida have closed their doors after Florida Governor Ron Desantis issued an order that prohibits health care practitioners from providing non-urgent procedures. The result is that thousands of routine medical visits have been cancelled or delayed. So, how are people to renew prescriptions, treat minor infections, allergies, autoimmune flares, migraines and the like? Dr. Anne Hermann, MD, a board-certified internal medicine physician and founder of Hermann Wellness, states, “Contact your usual providers. They may be offering telehealth for non-urgent issues. If not, practices that do offer telemedicine can help you.” Hermann Wellness is offering temporary relief. During the coronavirus crisis, Dr. Hermann is providing telemedicine and will devote the first hour of her morning to treating patients who do not have income free of charge.

Dr. Hermann also says that “if you have a prescription for lab work or a test, such as a mammogram or colonoscopy, ask your provider if it is safe to put off that test until the coronavirus crisis is over. For routine visits, a few months delay should be OK, but you should ask your provider in case he or she thinks you need the test sooner.”

Telehealth protects people from exposure to Covid-19. Providers can evaluate and treat a host of non-urgent issues and call in prescriptions to a local pharmacy. Even when “Safer at Home” orders are lifted, the Covid-19 virus will remain in our community and elderly people may benefit from remote medical care for some time to come. While telehealth providers can’t test individuals for coronavirus, they can help identify who needs to seek a test. If you have questions, contact your provider.

Dr. Hermann is a Columbia University trained Internist who founded Hermann Wellness in 2004 with the goal of helping patients achieve optimal health. In addition to treating patients at both the Tampa and St Petersburg locations, Dr. Hermann provides ongoing consultation and guidance to her talented and compassionate staff. More information is available at the Hermann Wellness website: or 813-902-9559.

Preventing and Fighting the Visible Signs of Aging with SkinMedica and Cosmelan

Not all skincare products are created equally. When you purchase your cleanser, toner, and other skincare items from common brands found at the drug store, you are robbing your skin of the powerful ingredients and formulas it needs to prevent and fight visible signs of aging. Rather than wasting your money on those products, try SkinMedica and Cosmelan to achieve your skincare goals.

The SkinMedica Rejuvenize Peel

SkinMedica products are developed to combat the collagen loss that occurs with age and causes lax skin, wrinkles, and fine lines. All SkinMedica products are scientifically formulated and clinically tested to rejuvenate your skin and restore your skin’s youthful appearance. The potent ingredients include growth factors, antioxidants, retinoids, vitamins, soluble collagen, matrix proteins, and others that are proven to deliver real results. Continue reading “Preventing and Fighting the Visible Signs of Aging with SkinMedica and Cosmelan”

Understanding the MTHFR Gene Mutation and Its Impact On Your Body

Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) doesn’t exactly pop up in conversation regularly, and most people have no idea that a MTHFR gene mutation could be the root of their health problems. If you are showing signs of the gene mutation, are pregnant, or are planning to become pregnant, the MTHFR test is a very valuable tool that can help you improve your health.

The Basics About Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase

MTHFR is an enzyme that helps the body use folate, also known as vitamin B9, in the way it is intended. Folate, not to be confused with its synthetic form folic acid, is a critical nutrient in the body because it assists with DNA synthesis and repair, encourages cell and tissue growth, supports normal fetal development in pregnant women, and even promotes sperm viability in men. The importance of folate to a healthy body and developing baby cannot be underestimated, so it makes sense that people lacking the MTHFR enzyme struggle from health problems. Continue reading “Understanding the MTHFR Gene Mutation and Its Impact On Your Body”

Customized Drops for Your Worst Environmental Allergies

19238500 - a blonde model in a field of flowers with allergiesEnvironmental allergies can cause severe interruptions in your daily life. Going for a walk, riding with the windows down, and even leaving the house at all can lead to swollen and itchy eyes and a stuffy, runny nose. It’s a miserable feeling, especially when all you want to do is shut yourself inside a HEPA-filtered box. Aside from the basic discomfort, allergies can become so distracting that they impact your performance at work, your ability to enjoy social situations, and your energy to exercise and stay healthy. Continue reading “Customized Drops for Your Worst Environmental Allergies”

Four Things You Should Know about Food Allergies

food allergies2Do you suffer from food allergies? If you do, you are definitely not alone. Millions of Americans, including as many as 1 in 13 children, struggle with food allergies on a daily basis. A food allergy is defined as an unpleasant and dangerous immune system reaction after eating a certain food. Though some are temporary, others last for life. Even if you don’t personally have a food allergy, a friend, family member, or even your own child could have one, so it’s important to understand these four things about food allergies.

There’s a Difference Between a Food Allergy and Food Sensitivity Continue reading “Four Things You Should Know about Food Allergies”

This Cancer Surgeon is Turning to Holistic Medicine

elishaDr. Elisha Robinson-Asiso grew up with a father who never took her or her siblings to the doctor. Instead, her father used his training as an herbalist to treat all family illnesses with herbs and herbal remedies. Robinson-Asiso learned valuable lessons from her father, but still went on to pursue a career in traditional medicine. After attending University of Illinois College of Medicine in Rockford, she became a breast cancer surgeon.

However, Robinson-Asiso felt increasingly unfulfilled by the role she was able to play in her patients’ lives. “As I started treating patients, I noticed there were multiple facets to patients beyond just the breasts. I noticed a huge missing link, and that was the whole body component.” Continue reading “This Cancer Surgeon is Turning to Holistic Medicine”

The Different Types of Allergies that May be Causing You to Suffer

sick at workIt’s common to hear someone sniffle and sneeze and mutter, “Ugh, allergies,” but the term allergy is actually a broad umbrella term that encompasses a number of ways in which the body may be rejecting outside elements. In order to know exactly how to tackle your allergies, you first need to understand which type of allergies they might be.

Food Allergy

About 5 percent of the population suffers from a legitimate food allergy, while others are simply sensitive to certain foods. A true food allergy can develop at any age when the body’s immune system overreacts and identifies an otherwise safe food as a danger and stimulates a response to fight the “dangerous” food away. Continue reading “The Different Types of Allergies that May be Causing You to Suffer”

The Best Essential Oils to Beat Allergies

essential oilsIt’s almost summer, which means congestion, itchy eyes, and sneezing are back. Before you run to the pharmacy for your typical allergy medication, consider the nasty side effects that can leave you feeling even worse than you did to begin with. Instead of buying a pharmaceutical drug, try essential oils to combat your allergies.

The Problem With Conventional Allergy Medication

You suffer from allergies because your body responds to certain allergens by creating chemicals called histamines. The histamines cause all of your common allergy symptoms like runny nose, watery eyes, itching, and hives. Since antihistamine medicines block the histamines from forming, they also stop allergy suffering. Continue reading “The Best Essential Oils to Beat Allergies”

How to Begin the Anti-Inflammatory Diet

balanced dietWhile inflammation is a healthy and natural response in the body, its chronic presence can cause major health problems. Inflammation is the body’s attempt to protect the body from damaged cells, irritants, and pathogens, all if which can lead to health problems.

In the beginning that inflammation is beneficial because it heals wounds and is a part of our natural immune system. However, continual and chronic inflammation instigates more inflammation in the body, leading to a dangerous domino effect that ends with pain and suffering.  More studies than ever prove that chronic inflammation is the root cause of serious conditions like heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease, so it is more important than ever to combat inflammation before it even begins. Continue reading “How to Begin the Anti-Inflammatory Diet”

Could a Probiotic Solve Your Health Woes?

probioticsSometimes the most powerful health solutions are the simplest. Many people are often surprised to learn that bacteria can actually be the key to regaining their health. Yes, that’s right, bacteria. It is a major misconception that all bacteria has to spell out doom. The truth is that healthy bacteria is absolutely critical to the body in order balance the gut, prevent and treat some illnesses, and even help the skin look rejuvenated.

Introduction to Probiotics

Probiotics are the opposite of antibiotics. While antibiotics kill the bad bacteria that causes infections and illnesses, probiotics actually give the body healthy doses of bacteria. This makes sense, since the word probiotic actually means “promoting life”.

When the bacteria in the body falls out of balance in favor of “bad” bacteria, the intestinal tract reacts badly. Probiotics can be found in yogurt, fermented food, and supplements to effectively put the body back in a healthy balance. Continue reading “Could a Probiotic Solve Your Health Woes?”