4 Signs You Need Testosterone Therapy

man with doctorWe have all heard of the “Big T” testosterone, the hormone found mainly in men that is responsible for the sex drive. But fewer people realize that testosterone impacts far more than a healthy libido; it also plays a role in other vital bodily functions. More men than ever are becoming concerned about low testosterone levels. If you’re a candidate, testosterone therapy is a realistic option to regain your natural health.

Testosterone therapy occurs with injections, a patch, or gel. Treatment leads to regained energy, normalized libido, and much more. It’s a simple and painless solution that proves it’s not quite time to give into the aging process.

Low Sex Drive

This is the most well-known sign of low testosterone. Though many men natural experience a declining sex drive with age, a man with low testosterone levels experiences a dramatic drop that can limit semen volume and lead to erectile dysfunction.


Other than decreased libido, most men with low testosterone report feeling inexplicably tired, even with a consistent sleep schedule and healthy diet.

Loss of Muscle Mass

Since testosterone plays an important role in muscle tone and mass, low testosterone levels mean that muscles don’t strengthen as they should. If weight training isn’t doing its job, blended with other symptoms, low testosterone could be the culprit.

Mood Fluctuations

Testosterone is a hormone, after all, and we all know how much hormones can dictate mood. Men with low testosterone commonly show signs of depression, anxiety, and unexplained moodiness.

Testosterone levels are easy to enough to check with a blood test and treat accordingly. Technology has made true health so much more accessible; there is no reason you should suffer from the effects of low testosterone without getting help.