5 Outside the Box Ways to Use Botox

Everybody knows that Botox can be used to make unwanted facial wrinkles disappear for a few months at a time, but you probably aren’t aware of these other five creative uses of Botox. Since Botox relaxes the muscles at each injection site, it can be used in very unique ways to enhance your appearance!

Soften and Narrow the Shape Of Your Face

If your face is defined by a boxy or round shape that you just don’t love, Botox can actually help you soften and narrow the appearance of your face.  Once injected into the right area of the masseter muscle located on either side of your jaw, Botox stimulates enough relaxation to soften your facial shape.

Make Neck Bands Disappear

Once you begin to notice the vertical bands in your neck known as platysmal bands, it’s hard to “unsee” them. The platysma muscle becomes stretched out with age, causing vertical bands to form up and down your neck when you grimace or make certain facial expressions. The good news is that “Neck Botox” can nip this problem in the bud by relaxing the muscles and making those ropy vertical lines much less noticeable for the next four or five months.

Lift the Tip of Your Nose

Did you know that the tip of your nose actually droops down as you get older? It’s a subtle change, but it causes your nose to look bigger, especially in photographs. Botox can reverse this phenomenon if it is injected at the base of your nose. This treatment can actually lift the tip of your nose and help you restore more of your youthfulness.

Control Acne Breakouts

You probably don’t correlate Botox with acne control. But thanks to the ability of Botox to reduce oil production in the skin, this treatment can actually be injected into the oily areas of your face to reduce and stop acne breakouts.

Tighten Your Jawline

Using Botox along your jawline is an excellent preventative measure to help your jawline stay tight and firm. It is best used if your jowls are just beginning to form. More dramatic jowls can be minimized with other cosmetic skin contouring treatments.

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