Accent Skin Tightening System

Accent is a FDA approved non-invasive treatment for wrinkles and sagging loose skin. It is a controlled heat therapy that utilizes radio frequency to heat your skin’s inner layer. This energy stimulates your cells to produce new collagen. In turn, your skin will appear more youthful and smooth. However, it does not reduce volume. Usually, three to six treatments at two week intervals will be required.
Accent can be used to treat loose, wrinkled skin anywhere on the body – including the face, neck, arms and legs. It is also safe and effective for a postnatal or post-surgical abdomen, buttocks or thighs. The procedure is virtually pain free, and is often described as a warm massage. There is no recovery time.
Dr. Anne Hermann, a holistic internal medicine physician, has been offering the Accent system to her patients for over five years. Dr. Hermann maintains offices in Tampa and Saint Petersburg Beach, Florida. Please contact the office at (813) 902-9559 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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