Achieve a More Youthful Appearance with FaceTite

Achieve a More YouthfulOftentimes, the lower face and neck are among the first areas to show signs of aging. Skin laxity and excess fat beneath the chin can contribute to an aging appearance, often leading to diminished confidence. 

If you’re struggling with signs of aging in the lower face and neck, FaceTite is a treatment option to consider. This non-surgical treatment utilizes radiofrequency energy to tighten loose skin and reduce unwanted volume for a rejuvenated look. 

FaceTite For Skin Tightening and Volume Reduction 

FaceTite is a radiofrequency device that is inserted under the skin with a very small needle. The device heats the skin and underlying fat in a safe and controlled manner, causing the skin to tighten while simultaneously damaging the excess fat cells. The targeted cells are then absorbed by the body, which results in a visible reduction in the volume of the treatment area; this makes FaceTite an excellent option for patients looking to eliminate a double chin or jowls. 

With the ground-breaking technology included in the FaceTite device, 100% of the radiofrequency energy is applied to the targeted area. This, along with dual temperature features, makes FaceTite remarkably precise and safe.

FaceTite vs. The Mini Facelift

FaceTite is a non-surgical alternative to the mini facelift; it provides approximately 40% of the results of a lower facelift without any incisions or sutures. FaceTite offers greater speed, safety, and convenience to patients without compromising on results. The procedure provides a dramaticimprovement to loose, sagging, and wrinkled skin on the face or neck, giving patients a smoother, tighter, and more youthful appearance. 

In contrast to cosmetic surgery, FaceTite allows for:

  • No scarring
  • Little to no recovery downtime
  • Minimal risk of complications
  • Speed and efficiency, as FaceTite only takes about 15 minutes per area (multiple areas can be targeted in one session)

Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness was one of the first to offer FaceTite as a solution to signs of aging in the lower face and neck. Contact us today to book a consultation!