How Does Breast Thermography Compare To Mammography?

Thermography produces an infrared image that shows heat and blood flow patterns near the surface of the body. The technique is based on the thought that patients will have elevated breast skin temperatures over areas with cancer. Currently thermography is not approved by the FDA as a stand-alone screening or diagnostic tool to detect breast cancers. Thermography devices have been cleared, however, for use as an additional diagnostic tool for screening and diagnosis of breast cancers. Some studies have shown that thermography may be a better tool than mammography for detecting superficial cancers.

Mammography consists of an X-Ray of the breasts. It is the gold standard recommendation for detecting early stage breast cancer. Its use is endorsed by major medical organizations. If abnormalities are found, additional screening techniques (ultrasound, MRI, thermography, clinical breast exam or biopsy) may be warranted. Speak to your physician concerning screening guidelines and appropriate recommendations for you. Together, you and your physician can decide the best strategy for you to screen for breast cancer.

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