This Cancer Surgeon is Turning to Holistic Medicine

elishaDr. Elisha Robinson-Asiso grew up with a father who never took her or her siblings to the doctor. Instead, her father used his training as an herbalist to treat all family illnesses with herbs and herbal remedies. Robinson-Asiso learned valuable lessons from her father, but still went on to pursue a career in traditional medicine. After attending University of Illinois College of Medicine in Rockford, she became a breast cancer surgeon.

However, Robinson-Asiso felt increasingly unfulfilled by the role she was able to play in her patients’ lives. “As I started treating patients, I noticed there were multiple facets to patients beyond just the breasts. I noticed a huge missing link, and that was the whole body component.”

Robinson-Asiso carefully weighed her options and finally decided that it was her duty to open a practice that would cater to women with breast cancer who sought to not only treat their disease but also improve the health of their entire body to support their cancer treatment and recovery. Her new business, Integrative Healing Center, can serve as an inspiration for holistic and alternative medicine believers around the country.

With a business motto stating “Where traditional and alternative medicine meet,” Robinson-Asiso utilizes nutrition programs, ultrasounds, mammograms, thermograms, genetic screening, MRIs, and even certain prescription medications to help breast cancer patients achieve their goal of cancer submission.

When talking to her new patients, Robinson-Asiso is very open about the effort that is required to successfully lead a healthier life. “And then I look them in the eye and say, ‘Look, do you really want to do this? Because half the battle is what you are going to put into it. I can sit here and you can pay me thousands of dollars to allow me to talk to you until I am blue in the face, but if you don’t make a lifestyle changeit won’t work.’”

Robinson-Asiso’s story is an important stepping stone for the medical community to continue to realize the value of alternative and holistic medicine and the role it can play to supplement traditional care and help patients achieve lasting health.