New Cannula Technique for Juvederm, Restylane and Radiesse in Tampa and St Pete

Posted by Anne Hermann on Thu, Jun 07, 2012 @ 08:30 PM

We use a new technique for dermal filler injection called the cannula technique.   Dr. Dave Christianson trained on this technique through one of the inventors of this method in 2011.  He brought back what he learned and I was impressed.  So, I began my training a month later.  Now, only a year later, the cannula technique is becoming the new standard for injection technique for fillers and here is why.

What is the Cannula Technique for Filler? 

The cannula is a bendable, blunt (not sharp) tube the size of a needle.  The doctor makes a small hole with a needle, but rather than injecting the needle, he or she removes the needle and inserts the cannula in the hole.

Dermal fillers injected with a Cannula are safer.  Because the cannula is bendable and not sharp, it will not puncture blood vessels or nerves.  So, this is a MUCH safer technique.

Dermal Fillers yield better results with Cannula.  Because we can move the cannula around more, we can inject areas that were difficult to inject before.  I am able to direct the cannula into hallow areas of the cheek where I would not place a needle.  This gives my patients a more complete treatment.

Patients experience less discomfort during treatment with Cannula.  With cannula technique, we only use the needle a few times during a treatment.  Therefore, the experience is less painful.

Less Bruising and Downtime with Cannula.  Because the cannula is much less likely to puncture a blood vessel, patients have less bruising and less downtime.

I do still use the standard needle technique to inject as well.  There are areas of the face that still require fine needling or a combination of needling and cannula for best results.  For more on various choices for fillers:

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