Cost of Dysport in Tampa and St Petersburg

Anne Hermann, MD

Many patients use Dysport because it is priced better and they get the same benefit as they would from Botox.  Dysport is made by the makers of Restylane and has been FDA approved for treatment of fine lines in the US for over three years.  I would like to explain how Dysport can be priced at only $4.50 per unit, while Botox is $10 to $12 per unit (depending on how much you receive). 

Dysport dosing is double that of Botox.  For example, if I use 20 units of Botox the same treatment with Dysport would be 40 units.  So, Dysport is not really half the price of Botox.  It is more like 15 to 20 % less than Botox.  When treatments cost $200 or more, this can still amount to significant savings.

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