Dermapen Treatment for Acne Scars Tampa St. Pete

Anne Hermann, MD

The Dermapen treatment offered in the offices of Dr. Anne Hermann minimizes acne scars.  Standard acne treatments need to be used for an extensive period of time and result in scarring. The Dermapen treatments for acne scars are short term and create excellent results in counteracting scarring.  Dr. Anne Hermann creates a tailored regimen for each patient dependent on the condition of the acne scars, with the typical number of Dermapen treatments needed for acne scars being 6-8.

How does the Dermapen treatment work to minimize acne scars?

Scars are often thickened, deformed tissue that replaces healthy skin after an injury. The Dermapen treatment uses micro needles to bring normal blood flow to the scarred tissue.  The old, fibrous tissue is broken up with the Dermapen and collagen and new, healthy skin is created.

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