Three Exciting Uses of NovaThreads on the Skin

The future of cosmetics has arrived in the form of bioabsorbable threads that lift, tighten, and add volume to the skin without any surgery. Better known as NovaThreads, this treatment delivers dramatic and long-lasting results without any need to go under the knife or endure a long recovery period. Whether you want to enhance the contour of your jawline, minimize wrinkles, or anything in between, chances are that NovaThreads can help you reach your cosmetic goals!

Restore Contour to the Jaw

While injectables like Botox and dermal fillers can effectively minimize wrinkles and add volume back into the cheeks, they cannot always tackle the problem of a jaw that has lost its “V-shape.” NovaThreads treatment makes it possible to restore that youthful contour to the jaw. When PDO threads are strategically inserted to gently pull and reposition the skin, they trigger a “controlled healing” reaction as well. The skin begins to produce more collagen, which builds a strong structure around the PDO threads and creates a non-surgical facelift effect.  

Lift and Tighten the Neck

The neck area eventually succumbs to age and gravity, causing it to sag and stretch in an unattractive manner. The NovaThreads treatment can resolve that problem with a series of crisscrossed PDO sutures that essentially create a mesh under the skin. This mesh lifts and tightens the skin in order to minimize sagging and wrinkles.

Augment the Lips

NovaThreads can even be utilized to help the lips appear plumper and more dramatic. Different thread types can be used to achieve specific results in a completely natural manner. Since the same exact threads are used on either side of the lips, the results are sure to be symmetric.

These are just three of the many ways that NovaThreads can be used to enhance your appearance. You can even utilize NovaThreads to lift your buttocks, tighten your stomach, reduce wrinkles on the hands and chest, and so much more! Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness in Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida is excited to offer cutting-edge NovaThreads treatment services, so call (813) 902-9559 to make your appointment today.