Look Fantastic For the Holidays: Planning Your Cosmetic Treatments in Advance

If you’re bothered by unwanted signs of aging when you look in the mirror, you’re not alone. Women of all ages feel frustrated by wrinkles, volume loss, and other cosmetic blemishes. These skin issues can feel especially blatant during the holiday season as you bounce from one celebration to another. If you want to wow your family and friends this year with a youthful and rejuvenated appearance, now is the time to start planning.

IPL Laser Skin Rejuvenation

IPL Photorejuvenation is an easy and effective way to smooth your skin tone, rejuvenate your complexion, and embrace skin that you feel proud to flaunt. IPL lasers emit a range of lightwaves that are absorbed to damage the walls of blood vessels and fragment unwanted melanin pigment. This damage forces the vessels and melanin to die and become absorbed by the body, rendering them less visible on the surface of the skin.

Though IPL treatment does not require any downtime or recovery period, it may take up to 10 days for your pigmentation and blood vessels to fade from sight. Schedule this procedure at least two weeks before any major social events to ensure your skin looks its best.

Volumizing and Smoothing Dermal Fillers

Volumizing fillers are used specifically to add lost volume back into the face. Many like Juvederm are formulated with hyaluronic acid to create a youthful contour and subtle lift for as long as two years with proper care. Smoothing fillers, meanwhile, range from delicate to firm and serve the purpose of smoothing wrinkles and lines across the face. Some target lip lines while others focus on the glabellar lines between the brows.

Most dermal fillers, especially those with hyaluronic acid, create immediately visible results. However, it does take a few days for the filler to “settle” into your skin, so it’s best to schedule any injectable treatment at least one week before your social engagements.


Botox and Dysport are two widely used neuromodulators that eliminate wrinkles at their source. Many wrinkles are caused by contractions of the delicate underlying facial muscles every time you show expression, laugh, or squint into the sun. Neuromodulators solve this problem by relaxing those muscles in order to smooth and alleviate the appearance of facial lines.

You can use neuromodulators to treat lip lines, wrinkles on the bridge of the nose, chin wrinkles, neck bands, and more. Results develop gradually over a week’s time, so schedule any Botox or Dysport appointment at least two weeks before your first holiday party.

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