How Many Coolsculpting Cycles to Get Results?

weight-lossCoolsculpting is a great way to get some desired body contouring without invasive procedures. If you’ve been looking into this treatment for a while, you have probably already figured out that your results won’t be immediate. But is one treatment enough to get the results you want? That depends.

How large is your target area?

Coolsculpting uses freezing temperatures, and the treatments can only last so long. That is why the procedure is done in cycles. If you have a very large treatment area, you may need to have more than one cycle.

How much fat do you need to get rid of?

If you only have a small amount of fat that is bothering you, one cycle is more than sufficient to get the results you are looking for. But the more fat you have, the more in-depth the treatment needs to be. Most people need two cycles to get their desired results. If you want to make a big change, you may need more.

A few other things you need to know…

Coolsculpting doesn’t give results right away. The treatment will start the process of destroying and flushing the fat cells, but the process is a natural one and takes time. You should see your initial results within about three weeks of your first cycle. It can take up to two months before you see your final results.

Because the results can take so long to take shape, you should wait several weeks or a couple of months between cycles. This allows us to more accurately tailor the treatment to your desired results.

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