How Soon Will I See Results From Radiesse?

The aging process can diminish the volume in the face, leading to lost contouring and facial folds. While you can’t go back in time, cosmetic treatments can plump the skin and define facial features for a rejuvenated look. 

Radiesse is a unique dermal filler that can contour the cheeks and reduce the appearance of nasolabial folds for a more youthful look. If you’re considering this popular injectable, you may be wondering how long you’ll have to wait before seeing results. Here, we’ll answer this question and clarify what you can expect from Radiesse treatment. 

How Does Radiesse Work?

Radiesse is unlike other dermal fillers. Rather than simply filling in lost volume, it stimulates new collagen production around the injection site. Overtime after Radiesse treatment, your skin will continue to produce more collagen for a more youthful look. 

Radiesse consists of calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA) gel microspheres. CaHA triggers collagen production in the skin. Over time, your body will safely absorb and remove the CaHA, leaving behind the collagen to retain your skin’s structure and volume. 

When You Can Expect To See Results From Radiesse

Radiesse begins working to smooth out the skin immediately after being injected. However, most patients start to notice a significant improvement in their skin within a week of receiving the injections. The results will continue to improve in the days and weeks following Radiesse treatment as your skin produces more collagen. 

Thanks to its patented technology, results from Radiesse can last for over a year. This makes it a long-lasting dermal filler for nasolabial folds and cheek contouring.

The team at Hermann Aesthetics and Wellness is thoroughly trained and experienced in Radiesse injections. We can help you attain a rejuvenated appearance with this advanced dermal filler. To learn more, schedule a consultation with us today.