What’s an IPL Laser and How Does It Help Your Skin?

ipl laserPerhaps you’ve heard of a new trend in cosmetic skin enhancement called the IPL Laser. This incredibly effective procedure can provide noticeable results for a variety of skin conditions. If you’re unhappy with your skin for any reason- aging, fine lines, or redness, for example- IPL could be your solution.

About IPL Laser Treatment

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. This high-powered, hand-held, computer-controlled technology delivers a potent broad-spectrum pulse of light to target specific structures within the skin, such as the dark skin pigment called melanin or hemoglobin. This is different than the average laser because it utilizes a broad spectrum of wavelengths. When filtered, the IPL Laser can be used for a variety of conditions.

As the IPL light beams pass through you skin, heat causes damage to the melanin and hemoglobin targets. As everything breaks apart, tiny blood vessels and melanin pigment are absorbed by the body rather than remaining visible on the skin.

What Can IPL Do For the Skin?

IPL is considered photorejuvenation, which brings health back to the skin using light. This means that the IPL Laser treatment can lighten and remove skin discolorations like sun spots and age spots, lighten and reduce redness caused by rosacea and broken blood vessels, and even tighten the skin and remove fine lines.

Why Is it Worth It?

The IPL laser is a non-invasive way to heal and revive your skin. No chemicals, no painful procedures, and no frustrating downtime are involved. The pain is very minimal, and each treatment can be as short as 30 minutes. With one appointment each month for five consecutive months, you can expect to see changes occur gradually with time. This isn’t a procedure for instant gratification, but rather one that will bring true change to your appearance over the long haul.

Best of all, your IPL treatment won’t just decrease redness and sun spots, it will naturally help your body produce more collagen to eliminate fine wrinkles and improve your skin’s texture.