Get Kissable Lips with Volbella

It’s no secret that wrinkles and lines in the skin are the main targets of anti-aging beauty treatments, but the lips are also gaining attention recently for the role they can play in helping to achieve a youthful and sexy appearance. This is why Juvederm, the popular family of dermal fillers, recently released and gained FDA approval for Volbella XC, a filler that can be used for lip augmentation and the correction of perioral rhytids.

Natural Fullness

Juvederm Volbella XC adds subtle volume to the lips with its state-of-the-art hyaluronic acid formula. The Vycross® formula utilized in Volbella blends different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid to form a gel with exceptional duration and smoothness. Its delicate nature makes it perfect for adding effective yet natural volume to the lips. In fact, a full 80 percent of people treated in clinical trials experienced improved satisfaction with their lips a full year after treatment. Full lips not only enhance the appearance of the face, but also boost confidence and help women feel younger and more attractive.

Smooth Lip Lines

The area of skin between the top lip and nose is vulnerable to vertical wrinkles, also known as perioral rhytids. These vertical lip lines form over time, usually due to years of smoking, lost collagen, and reduced elastin in the skin. Volbella’s gentle formula is able to effectively soften the appearance of vertical lines by filling volume under the skin to wipe away the wrinkles. The simple disappearance of these lines can help the face look healthier and years younger.

Given Juvederm’s trusted reputation for providing hyaluronic acid fillers that turn back the hands of time and resolve a variety of facial aging concerns, Volbella is another product that patients can utilize to fight their unwanted signs of aging. This is why Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness in Tampa and St. Petersburg now offers Volbella. Dr. Hermann is recognized as a master injector with years of experiencing helping her patients reach their aesthetic goals. Give her a call today at (813) 902-9559 to make your first appointment and start your journey to irresistible youthfulness.