Laser Hair Removal: What You Need to Do to Prepare

You’ve been enduring daily hair removal inconveniences since you were a teenager, and enough is enough! It’s time to put the razor down for good. Laser hair removal makes it possible to wake up every day with smooth, hairless skin. Use these preparation tips to make sure you get the most from your laser hair removal treatments.

A Quick Introduction to Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is proven to reduce the hair that grows on your treated areas. You can receive laser hair removal virtually anywhere on your face or body! It uses a concentrated beam of laser light that is absorbed by the pigment (or color) in your hair. This causes severe and lasting damage to your hair follicle.

Once all of your hair follicles in a specific location, like your underarms or legs, become permanently disabled, they stop growing hair and leave your skin smooth and silky. Since hair grows in cycles, not all hair follicles will respond to the first session of laser hair removal. Most patients find that they need about six sessions for full and lasting results.

Prepare For Your Treatment Strategically

It is best to start laser hair removal preparation about six weeks before your first treatment. At this point, you should stop tweezing and waxing the area that will be treated. This is so important because you want to guarantee that your hair continues through its natural growth cycle. Doing so will ensure that your hair respond to the laser with maximum efficiency.

One day before your appointment, you need to shave the area that will be treated. This won’t impact your hair’s growth cycle since shaving doesn’t remove the root of your body hair. However, shaving will make it possible for the laser energy to travel straight into your hair follicles instead of taking a detour into the hair on the surface of your skin.

Since laser hair removal is a fairly simple process, you won’t need to endure a complicated recovery period. You’ll just notice that your treated hairs look like small black dots, as if stubble is growing in. This is normal. The dots will naturally fall out over the course of two weeks to leave you with clear, smooth skin.

Keep Your Appointments Consistent

Most people don’t describe laser hair removal as painful, but it does create a specific sensation on the skin. Many compare it to the snapping of a rubber band. Be sure to continue your sessions within the recommended time frame, which is usually every six weeks. Patients often report that pain increases if sessions are scheduled too far apart.

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