You Can Now Get a Natural Looking Facelift Without Surgery

PDO threads tampa st petersburgMany people are looking for alternatives to a surgical facelift for several different reasons. For some, it is the risks associated with surgery, others, the downtime or, maybe, the unnatural looking outcomes of a facelift. Currently, in the aesthetic world, a natural looking facelift can be accomplished in office with minimal downtime and no surgery.

Many people have been doing filler and Botox for years to help fill the face and minimize lines and folds. Recently, PDO threads have come to the aesthetic market to aid in lifting the face to enhance the effectiveness of fillers and Botox. The combination of using Botox, Filler and PDO threads can give you a natural looking facelift effect.

Botox can help minimize or eliminate facial lines caused by facial movement such as crowsfeet, forehead lines, bunny lines and the lines between your eyes. Botox can also correct a gummy smile, enhance the lips and decrease the down turn of the corners of the mouth.

Filler can be added to soften nasolabial and marionette folds; volumize cheeks, lips and temples and enhance the jawline.

PDO threads help lift skin to minimize folds and can be inserted in areas of poor skin elasticity to build collagen to aid in skin tightening. The combination of these treatments can give a more natural youthful appearance that people are searching for with minimal downtime and no surgical risks.

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