Planning Ahead: Three Services to Pamper Yourself

SkinCOVID-19 has everyone stuck at home and non-essential services postponed. This is a very stressful time for everyone across the globe. As the curve is flattened and businesses start to reopen, it will be a good idea to pamper yourself a bit to help you destress and face the brave new world. Here are three services we offer that could pamper you.


A facial doesn’t just improve your skin, it can also be a big mood boost. During your facial, your skin will be exfoliated and cleaned, then refreshed with serums and other treatments. We offer several different options for facials, including:

  • Classic facial
  • Tropical facial
  • Vitamin C facial
  • Pre-teen facial
  • Accent facial treatment for skin tightening

A facial doesn’t take much time out of your day, but it can be extremely relaxing. And, as a bonus, you’ll have fresh glowing skin.

Dermal Fillers

We offer a number of dermal fillers for the treatment of lines, wrinkles, and facial volume loss. These cosmetic fillers do not last indefinitely; and if you have already received one of these treatments, you may be overdue for your booster treatment. Dermal fillers can take years off of your appearance and give you a big confidence boost.


It is important that you are happy with your body’s shape and size. If you are very conscious of your appearance, you probably watch your diet and make sure to get plenty of exercise. However, even with these measures, the stress of the pandemic and its associated problems combined with scarcity of healthy food in the stores can lead to minor weight gain or gaining fat in a stubborn spot like the tummy or thighs. Coolsculpting is a non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment that can sculpt your body to its pre-pandemic state.

If you are interested in any of these services, please contact us today to schedule your future appointment.