With Radiesse, Healthy, Youthful Skin is Yours

facialIf you’re noticing wrinkles and lines on your face with increased frequency, age could be catching up to your skin. Since the face is exposed nearly constantly to the harsh sun and environmental toxins, it ages faster than other parts of the body. Approved by the FDA in 2007, Radiesse is a powerful dermal filler that plumps the skin to fill in those wrinkles and creases. While other dermal fillers can also reverse signs of wrinkles, Radiesse distinguishes itself from other by actually serving not one, but three purposes.

Radiesse for the Face

The most well-known function of Radiesse is to add volume to the face that eliminates pesky signs of aging like smile lines, chin wrinkles, and marionette lines. After only one treatment, many patients instantaneously notice the smooth hydration and rejuvenation occurring. Wrinkles and fine lines will disappear as the face once again shows the volume and contours of youth.

Radiesse for Healthy Skin

While generating extra volume in the face, Radiesse simultaneously stimulates natural collagen production in the body. This is so important because collagen is one of the main components required for the body to maintain healthy skin. Natural collagen production dwindles before the age of 30, which is why the skin starts to lose its luster, deflate, and show wrinkles. By activating natural collagen production under your skin, Radiesse ensures that your skin can take care of itself and prevent any future signs of aging.

Radiesse for the Hands

Radiesse is now FDA-approved for use of hand augmentation as well! Also known as a “hand lift,” this treatment will give you fuller, healthier looking hands without the bulges, boniness, and discoloration associated with age. Results of a hand lift last about one year, at which time you can return for another quick treatment. Never again will you be forced to accept hands that show more aging than you feel!

How Does Radiesse Work Its Magic?

Radiesse is comprised of CaHA (Calcium Hydroxylapatite) microspheres suspended in water-based gel carrier. The CaHA helps to plump the skin and reverse your wrinkles and fine lines, which lasts up to 18 months! As the CaHA is safely metabolized by your body, your body’s newfound stores of collagen keep your skin young and rejuvenated, just as it always did before aging set in.

Radiesse works effectively to equip the skin with the volume and structure it needs to maintain supple, youthful beauty.