Signs It’s Time to Change Your Skincare Routine

Now more than ever, people are invested in their skincare routines. With the countless beauty products (and opinions) around today, it’s no wonder why. Everywhere you look, there are creams and serums that promise to shave decades off of your skin, zap acne overnight, or give you a glamorous glow.

You may already have a skincare regimen. But, if you’re not quite getting the results that you desire, it’s probably time to switch it up.

Here are other key signs that it’s time to change your skincare routine:


If you’re experiencing regular acne breakouts with your current roster of skincare products, it’s time for a change. Even if the products themselves aren’t causing the breakouts, you’d likely benefit from products that effectively target the acne that you’re experiencing (whether it be whiteheads and blackheads or inflammatory acne). 

Excess Oil

If you’re struggling with shiny skin that goes a step beyond dewy, it’s time for a change. Certain skincare products can lead to excess oil, but that doesn’t mean that you should skip moisturizing your skin altogether. Instead, focus on products that nourish your skin while helping you manage extra oil. 

Dry Patches

On the other hand, various ingredients in skincare products can lead to dryness. Retinoids, alcohol, salicylic acid, preservatives, and fragrances all make this list.

To nix dryness and maintain soft, supple skin, you may need to use certain products (like retinoids) less frequently, or you may need a deeply hydrating serum and moisturizer to create a barrier between your skin and potentially-drying ingredients. If this strategy doesn’t bring an end to the dry spell, you may need a different product lineup altogether. 

Considering that we all have a unique skin type, achieving a perfectly balanced skincare regimen is a feat. Talking to a professional is the best way to find skincare products that align with your goals without causing dryness, oiliness, or irritation. 

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