The Best Skin Care for Acne in Tampa and St Pete

Posted by Anne Hermann on Thu, Jun 07, 2012 @ 08:36 PM

We treat acne with a combination of hormone evaluation, dietary changes and skin care.  We blog about diet changes and hormone treatment on separate blogs.

The main things to know about skin care are:

Cleanser and toner:  All people with acne should wash with cleanser and use toner after washing twice a day.  For people who are not doing this, it makes a huge difference!

Exfoliate daily (Men, this means you too):  The exfoliant clears away oils and dead skin.  This allows any medicated cream to be better absorbed and more effective.  We prescribe Obagi exfoliant cream, which is applied daily.  Another way to exfoliate is with microdermabrasion or a Clarisonic brush.

Medicated Creams:  Topical antibiotics, Retinoic Acid, Benzoil peroxide and even oral antibiotics all work better when the skin is cleaned properly and exfoliated prior to application.  Our physician would prescribe the treatment based on which choice is right for you.

Non-acne causing sunscreen:  Many people undervalue the importance that sunscreen plays in clogging pores.

Oral Medication such as antibiotics are typically reserved as a last resort, but can also make a big difference when other options are not effective.

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