Transform Your Lips and Mouth with Volbella

One of the signs of aging that many women notice is their lips become thinner and lines begin to form around the mouth. There have been several dermal fillers used over the years to restore fullness to the lips, but few have had the results that Volbella offers. Volbella is from the makers of Juvederm and Botox, which have excellent reputations. If you are looking for a fuller, less lined mouth, consider Volbella injections.

Ease of Application

Getting Volbella for your lips and mouth is a very easy process. Your appointment can take place during an afternoon or on a long lunch. The entire procedure only takes about 20 minutes. The injection is prepared with lidocaine, so you will experience very little discomfort during the procedure. It is minimally invasive, and you will see results almost immediately. There is no recovery time, and you can wash your face and wear makeup as normal.


One of the things that makes Volbella a great dermal filler for the lips and mouth is that it lasts quite a while when compared with other lip fillers. Your results from Volbella could last up to one year, compared to the six months of other lip fillers. About 80 percent of recipients of Volbella are still satisfied with the results a year later. This makes maintenance of your look almost effortless.

Volbella in Tampa

If you are interested in transforming your look with fuller lips and fewer lines around the mouth, contact us today to schedule your appointment for Volbella in Tampa. If you have any questions about the injection or the results you can expect, these will be answered during your consultation. Volbella is FDA approved and trusted by doctors throughout the country. Contact us today to transform your mouth.