When to Start Laser Treatments

Laser treatments are among the most effective therapies for discoloration, scarring, fine lines, and sun damage. They’re also a powerful solution for signs of skin aging. But, when is the right time to add laser treatments to your beauty regimen?

Read on to learn more about the right timing to begin laser treatments in Tampa and St. Petersburg. 

When is the Right Time to Start Laser Treatments?

Ultimately, there’s no perfect time to start laser treatments. The answer will vary depending on your skin type, budget, and cosmetic goals. 

Instead of determining the right age or time to start using lasers, talk to your Florida physician about the right treatment path for your needs. Dr. Hermann at Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness can recommend the best laser to address your skincare goals, as well as the ideal time to begin treatment. 

The Best Laser Treatments in Tampa

Many laser treatments exist, providing different benefits for your aesthetic goals. Our leading laser options in Tampa and St. Petersburg include: 


CoolPeel from Cartessa is considered the most innovative CO2 laser available. It delivers short pulses of high peak power at low energy levels, creating controlled injuries in the epidermis and outer dermis. This limits heat accumulation in the skin, preventing the thermal damage that often occurs with conventional CO2 lasers. 

Ideal for a range of skin concerns including pigmentation, photodamage, wrinkles, and scarring, CoolPeel is an exciting option for many of our Tampa patients.  

IPL Laser

The IPL laser offers powerful rejuvenating benefits for damaged and aging skin. It stimulates collagen production and noticeably tightens the skin, making it a go-to treatment for fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage. 

After IPL laser treatment, the targeted skin will gradually flake away, allowing new skin cells to reach the surface. Most people need two to six treatments to achieve their desired results. 

Are you ready to start your laser treatment journey? Schedule your appointment with us today!