Why Botox Is Popular Among 30-Somethings

InjectionBotox has been a very popular anti-aging treatment since 2002 when it was first approved for cosmetic use by the FDA. But while boomers still make up the biggest percentage of Botox injectors, the number of 30-somethings getting the treatments is climbing significantly. But why are men and women who are so young looking to reverse lines and wrinkles? Because they are looking to the future.

Your first lines can start to appear in your early- to mid-thirties, although they are usually barely noticeable at that stage. Still, most people in this age range are concerned about aging in the future, and they want to eliminate those lines as soon as they start to appear.

For other 30-somethings, there is a trend of getting Botox simply to prevent future wrinkles. Even if they don’t have any signs of aging now, they are getting Botox so that they don’t get those wrinkles later. In fact, even some 20-somethings are getting Botox as a preventative aging measure.

Patients in their 20s should really avoid using Botox as a preventative measure. There are now some studies that suggest getting Botox at too young an age could cause collagen to break down, accelerating instead of postponing the signs of aging.

Botox is also commonly used for a few other purposes. Botox is a common treatment for migraines. It can also be used to treat overactive bladder, lazy eye, neck spasms, and excessive sweating. For these reasons, more and more 30-somethings are also getting Botox for health reasons.

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