CoolSculpting for Men and Women: Target Areas

girlIf you have heard of CoolSculpting, you may be wondering what areas are best for this treatment. There are several problem areas for men and women that are easily treated with CoolSculpting to give you a leaner look. While some areas are common to both men and women, other areas are more specific to one gender or the other.

Common Shared Target Areas

There are several areas that both men and women typically target with CoolSculpting. These target areas can sometimes have stubborn fat that is difficult to lose and keeps clothes from fitting comfortably. These areas include:

  • Stomach or abdomen
  • Arms
  • Thighs
  • Under buttocks
  • Under the neck (double chin)

Common Target Areas for Women

One specific problem area that women often have is the bra area of the back. Burning fat in that area can be very difficult, and it can keep your clothes from fitting properly. This area can make it difficult to get bras that fit properly, causing other problems such as back pain and a lack of support. Men sometimes also have issues with fat rolls on the back.

Common Target Areas for Men

Men have some stubborn fat areas of their own. Many men struggle with the chest area, and CoolSculpting will certainly help eliminate fat in that area. Men also tend to have more problems with love handles, or stubborn fat on the flanks. Women can also have this problem.

If you have stubborn fat in any of these target areas, CoolSculpting can transform your body. Contact us today for a consultation and to learn more.