DermaPen for Stretch Marks in Tampa and St Petersburg

DermaPen treatments by Dr. Anne Hermann in Tampa and St. Petersburg impressively treat stretch marks.  In 2012, DermaPen won the award for the best skin rejuvenation device on the medical market.  DermaPen treatments for stretch marks effectively diminish stretch marks at a fraction of the price of other treatments and for a much shorter down-time.

How does the  DermaPen treat stretch marks?

Stretch marks are caused by the tearing of the dermis.  The DermaPen addresses stretch marks by stimulating new collagen growth through Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT).  The needles of the Dermapen are able to perfectly target the stretch marks which stimulates growth hormones.  This results in fading the stretch marks and creating smooth and healthy, pigmented skin.

How many Dermapen treatments are needed?

Most patients will see improvement in the skin in just one treatment.  In most cases, 5-6 treatments are needed to fully counteract the white and textured appearance of the stretch marks.  Four weeks between treatments is recommended in order for the skin to complete a full skin cycle.  Dr. Hermann will personalize your Dermapen treatments at your first consultation with her. To schedule your appointment (813) 902-9559.

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