Does Microneedling Help With a Sagging Neck?

As we age, the skin becomes less elastic due to reduced collagen and elastin production. This is part of the natural aging process, but it causes the skin to sag, contributing to an aged appearance. In addition to the skin on the face, the skin on the neck can sag with age. This can often cause  a “turkey neck” when the skin on the neck appears loose and droops. 

If you’re experiencing loose skin on the neck, you may want to consider RF microneedling, called Morpheus8, from Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness. This advanced treatment option has shown exceptional results for sagging skin, giving patients a tighter, more lifted appearance. 

How Microneedling Helps With a Sagging Neck

Morpheus8 combines microneedling and fractionated RF (radiofrequency energy) to deliver powerful rejuvenating benefits to the skin. Among the cosmetic concerns that this treatment can address is a sagging neck. 

During this treatment, fractionated RF energy is administered to the dermis through a matrix of micropins. The deep layer of the skin is then heated in a controlled, precise manner with fractionated RF energy as the pins create micro-injuries to stimulate the skin’s natural healing process. Together, these effects trigger a significant boost of collagen production in the skin. The additional collagen causes the skin on the neck to tighten and regain an elegant, youthful appearance. 

Lasting Results For a Rejuvenated Neck 

Morpheus8 uses subdermal adipose remodeling or SARD. This remodels and contours the neck to give it a slimmer, more lifted look. A few days after the treatment, you’ll notice an improvement in the appearance of the neck. This improvement will continue for around three months after the treatment, at which point you’ll see the maximum results. 

The results of Morpheus8 are permanent. As the aging process continues, some patients opt for another treatment after five years to refresh their looks. 

To learn more about Morpheus8 to tighten a sagging neck, contact Hermann Aesthetics and Wellness today to schedule a free consultation.